Thursday, May 6, 2010

Birthday gifts don't need to be big ... or expensive

One of the favourite gifts we gave Miss E for her birthday was a dressup box. I went op shopping and to the $2 shops and bought a heap of "accessories". Necklaces, fake flowers, beanies, shoes ... just stuff to dress up in.

It has been the best fun! Great entertainment for the girls at her party ... and occupied her over and over again.

And the best thing about it is the outfits she creates! Just like THIS one! Stylish? No??!


  1. Great idea. My girls just love dressing up, and the more outfits/accessories piled on at once, the better!

    Toothbrushes are also WAAAAAYYY under-rated as presents. Kids love new ones!

  2. Totally agree Lauren. We give a toothbrush at easter and Christmas as gifts to our girl and she loves them! And when the tooth fairy brought a new toothbrush as WELL as a shiny coin she was over the moon!