Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Organisation ... saves time, money ... and hopefully a few kilos...

This time of year I struggle with lunches.
I know I need to eat well (and lose some weight!)
BUT who can eat salads daily in slipper weather?

Yesterday I decided to get organised and take the excuses away. For my mother's day I had received this beautiful cookbook (by Julie - last year's Masterchef winner) and I am really enjoying it.

So I got busy and got cooking. One large batch of her red lentil dahl. It is SO good for you, filling, high fibre, lots of veges ... and most importantly it is WARM on these cold *almost* winter days. A batch should last Paul and I several days for lunch. And it is very inexpensive to make too.

A little organisation, a little prep time, and lunch takes only moments to prepare for the next few days. Fantastic!

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  1. lovely and its gluten free yummo , im coeliac and just fuond out today DD3 is coeliac so i will be watching your blog lots x