Tuesday, May 18, 2010

How to organise ... colouring supplies

The question was asked of me yesterday - how do I organise colouring supplies?

The bulk of our supplies are in my craft cupboard away from busy hands. Miss 5 is allowed to access them, but by being packed away I find she tends to only look when she needs something - and I don't end up with supplies from one side of the house to the other!

Until recently I had a basket of supplies in the kitchen. But now Miss E is at school and a BIG girl she loves to do colouring and practise her handwriting skills independantly.

I have set up a small ikea table in our lounge room. Under this is a basket which contains all our current colouring books. On top she has a metal bucket (which is divided into sections) that houses all her pens, pencils, scissors etc. (this was from Spotlight) There is also a small plastic basket with the craft supply of the moment - right now she is into stamping to decorate her work.

None of this cost money - it was all about the house already and has been repurposed.

We have found since she has had her own space, her supplies are tidier and her work much more contained.

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