Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Save time - do it online.

Maybe I am very comfortable with internet payments from years of working in a bank. I love to pay my bills online. I have a dedicated credit card with a very small limit, solely for the purpose of online purchases.

When you work, study, take care of a home (sort of), try to be an involved mum ... and even spend time with your husband, family and friends ... time is precious.

Case in point. Renewing my driver's license. I used to put this off. It would involve a trip to main roads, and without exageration a MINIMUM of one hour in a queue. (yes my US friends - that is how WE spell cue!)

Today my renewal arrived. It took me under five minutes to renew. It was quick, easy and I am DONE!

So far this morning I have checked our acccounts, renewed my licence, transferred some money into savings, looked at accomodation options, and checked out tickets to Mama Mia. (Just need someone to go with me now ... MUM - You interested??!!!!)

Look into online payments. If you don't trust them - share your fears with someone educated about them and see if you can find a way to use them within your comfort zone. The time savings (and money savings - no overdue fees - no buying something cause you are out) are worth it!

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