Saturday, May 15, 2010

Gluten free expo - INSPIRED again!!

My husband is gluten free as he was diagnosed with coeliac disease just before we were married. As a dietitian - he coped well. As a newlywed - I had to learn fast.

Yesterday we went to Brisbane to the Gluten free expo and allergy fair. It was FUN!

Every stand had something safe to eat. All those products we don't normally buy and try. None of us bought food during the day - we had enough samples for the three of us for morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea.

It was fun. But it isn't how we eat. Too much packaged. Too much processed. My tummy is hurting today.

Where it did inspire me was getting to listen to Sue Shepherd talk. She is a dietitian who has a VERY successful business model - and writes a lot for coeliacs. And other food allergies. Watching her make tabouli (from quinoa no less!) and talk about the glory of Chia seeds has me aching to get back into cooking from real, whole ingredients for our family.

Food ? Cooking ? Organising ? Yep - totally fits on an organising blog. Food is one of those things I need to plan and fit into my day to ensure it WILL happen the way I want. The shopping, the meal planning ... and healthy food sometimes needs a bit of planning ...

The other reason I was inspired ... I got to talk to Jo of kitchenaid, and learnt a few new tricks for my beautiful girl - my kitchenaid stand mixer. Plus she has me thinking I could try to make gluten free pasta. I am SO excited by this thought!

Gluten free food is often simple and rustic in my mind, and although the pasta may not be picture perfect due to it's fragileness ... I just can't wait to try fresh pasta again. Fresh pasta. A simple sauce. Salad. Nothing better for dinner in my mind.

I'll blog about our adventures as we go. (of course). Right now, I have a sick girl who needs some loving!

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