Friday, May 28, 2010

Wardrobe revamp.

Today I was meant to shop with my mum. But it is so wet I don't feel safe on the roads.

Well - my Gran always said "everything happens for a reason" and today she was right! Again.

Because I hadn't driven to mum's I ducked down at lunch to the little country shopping centre. And there - at the shop I love to shop in - but can't justify the prices I saw a tiny little sign. 50% off everything. Two hours only.

(I actually missed the huge bright bigger than me signs. It was the tiny photocopy that caught my eye!)

Let's say I bought a few things. Things that make me feel great. And smart. And tidy. And maybe even well dressed and attractive.

I think I've been needing this boost. I actually have been thinking about this for several days - taht maybe the first step in loosing weight and exercising is feeling good about myself -so I want to look after me. Well - today the opportunity was there and I am so happy.

So now step two in the wardrobe revamp. To spend this rainy rainy day trying on my whole wardrobe and getting rid of what doesn't suit me, fit or feel good.

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