Tuesday, August 31, 2010

For the kids ...

I love a place that caters for my girl. It makes my day so much easier if she can have fun first!

I really love a place with makeshift instruments for her to play ... thought I would post a few pics for ideas ... I'm thinking of making some for home!

But what I really really love is this!

A grandy who would make a lagerphone for his little Miss E.
So country. So aussie. So much love in it.

Miss E told everyone "Not everybodies grandy loves them enough to make them a lagerphone!"

The old timers loved it. She jammed around a few campfires.

And I think it brought back memories for some bush poets that lived close by.

It made our muster really special


  1. Tell Eli that her "Grandy" is delighted she loves her lagerphone. Honestly it made his day when he saw this on your site. Love Mum

  2. oh wow I love these! I think I will have to have a go at making some for FDC kids!!! She looks like she is having a blast!