Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Getting ready for camping! Organising for summer fun!

Spring is almost here! It is so close I can almost taste it! And on days like yesterday I got a sweet sweet preview of it. I can't wait!

The warmer weather for us is time for days out. Picnics, bushwalks ... and for once I am hoping, time to get camping and relax as a family!

The thing about all these things is they cause me stress when things aren't clean, packed and ready to go.

In exactly one week I plan to be camping with my family (and around 20,000 other people) and listening to some of the best country, blues and roots music in Australia for several days.

So this week I am planning, preparing and getting ready ... not just for this trip, but putting systems in place so we can be ready to go and enjoy the outdoors any time we get a day off together and the weather is FINE!

To start things off ... my solution to my pet peeve of camping.

You can't deny it - camping can be dusty, and dirty. And I hate that part of it. I like hands clean, faces washed and ready to go each morning. And I like to feel a little bit civilised each day.

In the past I have used a bucket for our family's hygiene needs - but I don't like it. Enter - my repurposed family camp bathroom!

Take one clothing hamper in a state of ruin.

Cut off the mouldy torn hamper part and be left with this fantastic collapsible frame!

Secure it with a repurposed waist belt off a bag. Add the green IKEA hanging storage, a handbasin (clearly marked HANDWASHING ONLY!) and some cool towels, toothpaste, sunscreen, soap etc ... and we are set to go!

I have a few more tweaks I may make to this ... but I love it! Totally free, and easy to collape and store!

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