Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Tell me,why is life so busy???

This is my day.
Slept in till 6.30 (truly a blessing after a month of 5.30am starts!)
Get up, get breakfast, check emails, do banking, make lunches, do load laundry, pack dishwasher, get child dressed (actually - she did that! She has to be self sufficient in this house), get to school drop off ...

Do drop off, liase with parents on costume, pick up coffee (YES!), drive an hour,

Drop last of course work off, visit my mum and dad (best part of day!)
Do a little shopping, lunch with mum, wedding and bridal shower talk (for my sister)

Drop into spotlight. Discover they have nothing for the shower, drive an hour home.

Go to post office and chemist. Almost get to school on time for pick up. Make calls.

Dress for ballet and take miss e to ballet.

Go pick up ribbon for athletics tomorrow.
Feed chooks. Clean bathroom. Tidy lounge (playdate tomorrow!), unpack dishwasher, make dinner.

And I still have laundry to fold and streamers to make for athletics day tomorrow! Oh and bake for the cake stall. Forgot that!

I need another hour in the day.

Le sigh....

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