Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Organised camp cooking ... the dream pot

I so wish I had a better picture. Check out the website Dream Pot for better pics.

Basically, reminiscent of the old hay box cookery theory, the dreampot is a thermal cooker. You start the cooking on a stove/fire/gas burner, get heat into it, then put it into a big thermal container for up to 8 hours while it cooks.

It's like a slow cooker without the electricity - but better! No burning round the sides like a slow cooker (cause there is no heating element). And the flavour is better. More like the flavour of something slow cooked in a slow oven for hours on end.

We made stews, a mexican mince dish, with a side of brown rice, baked custards and creamed rices.

It was perfect to help us eat healthily, but not waste a lot of time cooking.

And yes - after 8 hours it was still PIPING hot.

I loved this! So much that I will keep using it at home. Watch this space, I'll post recipes as we try it!

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