Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Getting ready for camping - tip # 8 - my backpack

(this is my beautiful pappilon. Obviously he is worried about being left behind!)

My backpack is my handbag when camping. It's my go-to emergency kit, and seems to have everything I need ... wet weather gear, hats, sunscreen, meds, panadol ...

To keep everything in place I love these organising bags from Clearly organised bags. They are reusable, strong, have a zip and a clear front so I can see through them to what is inside ... and play a small part in reducing my ziplock bag addiction.

I have one bag which is a mini first aid kit (meds, bandaids, panadol etc), one for a notepad and pens (does anyone else get their best ideas when they are away from home?) and one with essentials for a day out (sunscreen, insect repellant, hand sanitiser, loo seat covers etc!)

Add my phone, a book and my wallet, a few snacks and a waterbottle and we are set to go!

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  1. What cool bags ... I'll have to keep an eye out for something like that. I do the same thing with a smaller backpack for traveling, and have used different kinds of zipper bags ... but it would be easier to be able to see, instead of having to remember that the pens and paper are in one color, meds/bandaids in another, etc ...