Friday, August 20, 2010

Summer fun organising - picnic hamper!

Summer is all about randomness for me! One of my favourite parts is making a decision, hopping in the car ... and seeing where you end up.

Another favourite part is sampling the local produce along the way. We live in a fantastic area - wineries, olives, cheese, great bakeries and the most fabulous berries and fruits and vegetables.

Getting ready for camping I took the opportunity to update our picnic items, so they are all in one spot, clean and ready to grab as the whim takes us.

I am so happy with the result. The bright colours will be great for helping me to identify any stray items as we pack up ... and they just SCREAM summer to me!

And the reusable plates and cutlery is so much better than all the waste of disposable items.

Now all I need is a cute (cloth!) table cloth - and I'm set!

Ready for FUN!


  1. Love the colours! May I ask where you got the basket from? I've never seen one like this but it looks great. My old wicker basket is getting on and it's also a pain to clean out.

  2. I got it from "CraZY Clarks". - it's one of those $2 type shops up here in Qld. I've also seen them at the reject shop too ... I like that I can wash it out when it gets dusty - which I know it will!

  3. Oh excellent thanks so much! Yes I definitely need plastic as I'm slightly over cleaning up spilt drinks from fabric & cane.