Thursday, August 5, 2010

Oh Aldi ... how I *heart* you!

Sometimes you find the best storage solutions when you least expect it.

Laundry takes over my home every day. I just can't seem to help it!

On a GOOD day sorting laundry looks like this ...

with baskets on every available surface. (and trust me - this is a TIDY day!)

Which of course means the couch is out of comission until I put all the laundry away ... AND my laundry baskets are being used.

But today at Aldi I found THESE!

And they are fabulous! (shhh - I bought two!)
Two trolleys means four baskets - one for each of us and one for the linen closet.
They are strong, tidy, and can be wheeled from room to room.

Plus they don't look too bad!

Makes me smile!

(and if you like them ... rush to aldi! I bought the last two at our store! )

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