Sunday, August 22, 2010

Getting ready for camping - tip #1 - LISTS!

Right now I am not only planning this camping trip .. but also thinking ahead to how what I do right now can make future trips easier. The goal ... is to be able to have the camping gear organised and ready - with simple checklists ready to help us camp throughout summer with the hard work already done.

Tip # 1 - you need a LIST!

I wish I had a photo of my dad's camping book. Every year we would camp for a week at my grandparent's old farm with ALL our extended family. Dad had a small book for each year. And in that book he had lists - what to take, what we would eat, recipes, menus ... they became a mini bible for him in organising these trips ... and they amaze me now at the planning he did.

I'm trying to get together an organisation manual for our trips. Lists are my friends. They mean I can make sure we have everything, don't forget anything, can review what worked and didn't, and help me refine what to do next time.

The great thing for me is now I have one thing dad didn't have. GOOGLE. Google is your friend! Search "camping gear list" and an endless number come up. Print a few off. Don't use them as an ultimate guide, but use them to give you ideas and work out what your family needs. Add and cross off as you go. Half the hard work is already done!

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