Monday, August 30, 2010

Muster On!

We love the Gympie Muster. Think 6 days ... 13 venues ... 79 acts of country, blues, rock, dancing, comedy ... and quite a bit more.

It is an amazing project put together by the Gympie Apex Club. This club of young volunteers (they get kicked out at 45!) put this on as their major (actually their ONLY) fundraiser of the year.

Every year the club takes one month off ... then preparations begin for the following muster.

Some of the biggest artists in Australia hit the muster every year, but it's not just the music ... it's the spirit of the muster that keeps us coming back.

Some people go a little overboard with the muster - some pretty impressive campsites eventuate ... like this (and this isn't even an impressive one ... but I couldn't believe they took the pool table!)

We however try to keep things simple. We are really only at our site for breakfast and to sleep ... so there is no point getting too elaborate ... we are quite comfortable tho thank you ;)

Anyway ... all this to say ... that I thought I'd do a few totally self indulgent posts on our few days away. I'll share a little wisdom of what works for us ... but mainly share some of the things we love.

The muster gives us time to reconnect as a family, and as a couple. We get away from it all, get to do something we love, and take time to talk and make plans.

And make plans we did. There will be a few changes in our home and a few new projects for the blog! Exciting times ahead!

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