Monday, August 30, 2010

Pack well!

We don't have a big car. In a campsite that is over run with 4WDs and motorhomes, our car is a bit of a novelty. (actually - our car IS unusual here in Australia, and it IS a novelty!)

I know it amuses my parents every time we pull up in our overrun car, but trust me ... it IS organised!

There is a place for everything ... and as long as I pack the car then I know it can all be found if and when we need it. And I am getting closer to getting it right. We used almost everything I packed this time.

My greatest compliment this trip was from an old bushpoet who we sat around a campfire with on the final night.

He said "you rolled up in this funny car and dragged the tent out ... and we thought we'd get a laugh at you city folk. But then it was like MAGIC. The tent went up ... and everything came out. It was magic."

He went on to say "And the next morning you and your daughter got up and I realised you even packed the gumboots and you somehow had room for them!"

I laughed. It's gympie. When it rains it turns into a mudpit. Of course we packed the gumboots.

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  1. Glad you had such a wonderful time! And especially that all your hard work paid off!

    I would love to hear about what you packed that you didn't need. Last time we went camping we only needed about half of what I packed. Mind you, there was nothing we wanted that I hadn't thought of either!