Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Bath toys ... again!

I hate bath toys. Hate hate hate.

Stupid untidy things that get all mouldy and slimey if you're not careful.

HATE them!

I did a deal with miss e today - I would buy her a set of mermaid bath toys if she got rid of all the gunky yukky ones. Worked ;) Mummy knows her girl!

To make it easier for her to pack them up where they can drain and dry I am trying this bath caddy from the 3M command range.

Just like the hooks, it adhears by tape to the tile, and it pulls off easily if you want to move it. Unlike the hooks it is suitable for wet areas.

So far so good!

Little does she know that any toy that is not put away in the bath is going to become mummy's. Somehow I think that will work when she loses her first mermaid!

1 comment:

  1. You might think about buying stock in 3M. You are almost single handedly keeping the company in business with your purchases and advertizing :)!