Sunday, September 12, 2010

Organising Hair accessories

I didn't really have it in me for any big organising jobs this weekend. So instead I did a little job I have been looking forward to doing.

Miss E loves cute things in her hair! And she loves too match.

We decided to bring some order to her many, many hair accessories!

School coloured bands and clips are kept in the bathroom in a small ikea lidded container for ease of use. However, I wanted to make the fun ones easy to see and handy to access.

We used a Small jewellry organiser from the storage section of Big W.

I love the small pockets and that each row is zippable to stop the contents falling out.

And this is a work in progress. It's not finished because Miss E wants to do it herself (and bedtime caught up with her!)

As always, I used the command hooks to hang on the inside of her wardrobe door. I love that I can remove them with no marks or holes in the wall! They are my most favourite thing ever! In fact I think they deserve their own post one day!

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