Sunday, September 5, 2010

Today's spring cleaning tasks!

I'm counting today, plus the few hours I put in on the weekend after work as my first day or two of the spring cleaning challenge!

So far I have accomplished all the tasks from day 7 and day 2.

To give you an idea of some of what I have done I have
Cleaned my pantry!
Cleaned my linen closet and bathroom drawers
Cleaned my laundry closets
Polished wood items
And lots lots more!

I love that she has a plan - what to clean and how to clean it. And I like checking it off! It appeals to the list maker in me!


  1. I think I am going to purchase this Really could give my house a good spring clean, even if it takes me abit longer, do you think it is worth it

  2. Here is the thing ... there is nothing complicated about it - but she doesn't say there is either. If you had the time or the inclination you could make a list yourself or google it. But I loved that it is all together and you can use it from year to year. I intent to write my changes on it and use it each september. Another good (but dearer) solution is spring clean all year round. You can spread the tasks out throughout the year. I intend to go back to using it once I've finished Skipper's challenge in order to maintain my home better. I review it here!