Friday, September 3, 2010

PlanetBox Lunch - Saturday

Tomorrow I am working and I am on the early shift so I need to be ready.

Plus it is my first day out of the house since I started using planetbox, so my first time to use the carry case.

Lunch will be

Chicken and vege wholemeal muffins with roma baby tomatoes, a mix of pepitas, dried apricot and almonds, strawberries and blueberries, and carrot and celery sticks. Oh, and a little bit of dark chocolate in the middle. It's good for you! Has anti-oxidants! In the big dipper I have a cut up orange, and I am adding a banana for morning tea.

Everything fits easily in the case. There is plenty of room for a napkin, cutlery, and my banana (and I could easily add an icepack)

The big dipper sits on the front pocket.

And ready to go.

(this really is purple - but seems to have photographed blue)

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