Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Things I love - the planet box!

We do our best to reduce the amount of plastic we use in our home. I know the use of plastic for food storage has a big question mark over it, and with some of the health problems I suffer I just like to reduce the amount we use, and especially for Miss E.

We also like to pack lunches without using a heap of cling wrap and plastic baggies. They cost a lot of money - they are wasteful - and contribute to our rubbish problems.

I was so excited to get to try the PLANET BOX

On their site they describe it as a "Lunch transportation system". The different sections encourage you to pack a balanced lunch (One for sandwich/pasta etc, one for fruit , one for vege, and the teeeny tiny centre one for the occasional treat)

The containers seal well, and as long as you don't pack liquid they seem to keep the food where it should be.

They also come with two sealable individual containers, for yogurt, dressing etc ...

Magnets on the front allow you to customize the planet box and are a fun gimmick for the little ones!

I love the concept so much, I am going to use it to pack my lunch for the next day, even though I stay at home most days. That way I can plan what I want to eat in advance, and it is easy to eat when I want to. Hey - now that the weather is beautiful I can even grab a book, my planet box and coffee and go outside or to the park!

So far I am thrilled with the planet box. It's a great organisational solution for lunch for us. I'll post pics how we use it as time goes on!

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