Monday, September 6, 2010

Being organised for kids after school activities

Somehow I don't remember being this busy as a kid. At least not at age 5.

Since I often work right up until school pick up time, it is important for me to be ready for any after school activity and not have to run around looking for lost swimmers, goggles, shoes etc.

For each activity Miss E does I have a suitable bag. These hang on the inside of her wardrobe. As soon as she gets home from ballet or swimming, she puts her clothes in the wash and I repack goggles, ballet shoes, hair things etc into the appropriate bag. As soon as the clothes or togs are dry they go back into the bag, and then the bag is rehung in her bedroom.

The night before any activity day, I grab the bag, add a snack and water and put it in the car so we are ready to go.

This works really well for us, and saves that last minute scrambling for a forgotten item (or two!)


  1. Those bags are so cute, did you make them?

  2. I wish I did! Miss E's godmother made the ballet bag, and I bought the swimming bag at the markets at southbank