Thursday, September 2, 2010

Just 10 minutes ...

What's the worst room in your home?

Without a doubt mine is the office which is in the garage.

My plan way back when was for it to be a space for the computer with room for me to sew, create, scrap.

And room for Miss E to work beside me.

Well - it became the place to house the garage sale stuff. And then it became the place to be the dumping zone for pretty much everything. And then it became such a disaster I don't let anyone know it IS a room so they don't go in there. I would padlock it if I could.

Well - I want my space back. I want to sew and I need a place to do it. And I am going to get it.

I find this room so overwhelming so I am going to do it 10min at a time.

The rules are clean for 10min. No more no less. If I want to keep going - just another 10.

Until it is done.

I'll keep tabs on how long it takes me. Right now it feels like it will take a month or two ... but I bet I can suprise myself.

Oh - and a before pic? Well I have taken one. Not sure I can bring myself to post it. Maybe with the after. Maybe.

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