Sunday, September 5, 2010

Skipper's 15 day spring cleaning challenge

Skipper from Domestic Guru has produced a 15 day spring cleaning challenge E-book.

Finding this has come at the perfect time for me ... just as I am starting to get my cleaning and organising mojo back!

I've found it to be a clear, concise plan to get things done around your home and to do a thorough clean of most areas. I've had to make some changes - I think we all would - every home is different, but overall it's a great plan.

I must admit it is pretty intense - none of this 15minute a day cleaning. But I am looking forward to two intensive weeks and getting my house ship shape for spring!

One thing I am doing is going through the plan and picking the less labour intensive days. I'm assigning these to days that I work, or will be pretty busy. If I don't get the jobs all done on those days, they should be pretty easy to distribute across the days I'm not as busy.

I'll update you on my progress - let's see if I can stick to it!


  1. Link doesnt seem to be working

  2. Thanks Sandi! Think I've fixed it now - let me know if it's still broken!