Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Things I love - Organised mums!

Expect to see a few posts featuring products from Organised mums!

They seem to have gotten right inside my head and designed a range of diaries, calendars and stationary that works the way I do! Makes my heart sing!

One big issue we have in our home is making sure everyone is in the right place, at the right time with the right stuff. I am a part time stay at home mum, part time shift worker. Miss E is a busy 5 year old with a demanding school schedule already ;), and several after school activities. And daddy is working pretty full on days at the moment ... and sometimes needs a hand remembering what we have to take on what day and where.

Enter this! The Magnetic Family Organiser from organised mums!

I love that it sticks right onto my fridge (it is basically one huge magnet) and I love that I can change it every week depending what we have on. Life here is never the same, I work different days and the shifts I work vary. It helps to be able to be flexible.

It does come with magnets for reminders and events. This is my only complaint. There just does not seem to be enough variety of magnets. I would have loved to at least seen some for dance, sport, library, interest item ... the basic things that most families have going on.

At the moment I have the 5 columns set up as "Mum, dad, school, afterschool and menu planning"

However - I think I am going to change this by heading them "mum, dad, miss e, menu and exercise". That way Paul and I can each mark out when we want to work out and try to fit it in so we both get time and can work around Miss E and each other.

The size of this calendar is great - and it seems to be really good quality. What I intend to do is use a 3m Command hook to stick on the fridge for each of us to hang our keys on. This forces us to check the calendar as we are going to leave. It also means we can check what is for dinner that night and make sure *someone* has remembered to defrost the meat!

I think this is going to be a really useful tool. The Australian distributor is McMillan press. I believe they are available now.

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