Friday, September 3, 2010

Making progress! The office

I've done a lot of 10 minute blocks today. But I am so pleased with the progress.

I still have quite the pile of stuff in the corner to sell, I can't avoid that.

But my floor is clear! And so is my desk!

I'm still not game to shwo you the complete before pic ... but to explain what it was like ... this is our old computer desk that was in a corner in the room ...

(and this wasn't the worst of it!)

And here it is after - I've used it as a space for Miss E (aged 5) to create.

The boxes below the desk hold her pens, pencils etc. I still have a few things to change here but I love the concept.

And here is my real desk!

I still need to sort out the cables ... but that will happen later. I celebrated by buying these great bright noticeboards in pink and purple - $5 each from the "Reject Shop"

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